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Oracle Database 11g RMAN Backup & Recovery

The objective of this training course is to assist database administrators in designing, testing and implementing a robust backup and recovery strategy that will protect their databases. The data within a database is at risk unless one has designed, tested and implemented a robust backup and recovery strategy. Furthermore, when a major failure occurs, a variety of recovery and troubleshooting techniques must be applied.

The focus of this course is the Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) tool. Additional topics covered include the Data Recovery Advisor, Redo Log File Size Advisor and MTTR Advisor.

Duration: 3 days

Price: £900




What You Will Learn:

  • User-managed and automatically managed backup strategies and database recovery operations using RMAN and other database facilities.
  • Database instance recovery, tuning checkpoints, the Redo Log File Size Advisor and the MTTR Advisor.
  • User-managed recovery scenarios, including recovery from temporary, read-only and index tablespaces.
  • Automatically managed backup strategies and database recovery operations using RMAN and other database facilities. Complete and incomplete media recovery, including database point-in-time recovery and tablespace point-in-time recovery.
  • Build upon basic RMAN capabilities with a centralized recovery catalog. Deploy standardized and consistent backup and recovery procedures throughout the enterprise by means of dynamic stored scripts and variable substitution.
  • Optimizing backups for faster performance and parallelization of operations, employing compression algorithms and other strategies for optimum efficiency.
  • Data preservation through archival backups.
  • Duplicate databases for regulatory compliance, Real Application Testing database replay, test configuration and other purposes.
  • Detecting and handling failures and corruption, including the use of RMAN block recovery and the Data Recovery Advisor.


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