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Oracle Database 11g Resource Manager Scheduler

The objective of this training course is to introduce advanced technologies which should be applied to any mission-critical database. Sometimes configuration and operational problems can exist within an Oracle database because important technologies are either not fully understood or not properly implemented.

The Database Resource Manager is an essential tool for database tuning to achieve optimum performance and is often used in combination with the advisors.

The Database Scheduler is a sophisticated tool which can automate many administration tasks and integrate the database into the larger data centre and systems infrastructure.

Duration: 2 days

Price: £600




What You Will Learn:

  • Controlling resource utilization on database servers whose resource demand exceeds its capacity.
  • Advanced resource management for complex configurations involving multiple CPUs and multiple database instances.
  • Automating launching routine maintenance tasks and even application functions using the database Scheduler.
  • Centralized administration of database instances and host systems located throughout the enterprise using the remote database Scheduler capabilities.
  • Tightly integrating database facilities with other operations within an organization using File Watcher jobs and e-Mail notification capabilities of the extended Scheduler.

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